And so the journey begins …

My name is Stephanie and I’m a technophobe (I now have a 12 year old teaching me how to use the DVD player or Instagram rather than me teaching my father to use a VCR). Yet here I am developing a Blog. Let me explain:

New year, new beginnings. At the back end of last year I realised I have been working for 25 years and still have 25 years to work. I didn’t have a midlife crisis at 30 or 40 but this did leave me reflecting on what I have achieved and is it what I want moving forward? I’m an extremely proud and hard working mum. I studied my degree in Human Resource Management nearly ten years ago with various other qualifications such as Health & Safety since. So is now the time to look at something new?

Since joining my current employer four years ago, we’ve developed a nice little team managing HR and Training but we’ve not had the time to dedicate some thought into the roll out. Last year we embarked on a project of utilising the Apprenticeship Levy and train our own pool of FLT drivers, production operatives and administrators. The end goal for the business is to deliver this training ourselves rather than use an external provider (not convinced, but I’m happy to give it a go). Next year we are expanding and building a new site.

Throughout all these projects, I’ve enjoyed mentoring my team and others to succeed. I was lucky enough to have a boss in my first HR role who stood back and let me manage situations and I want to show this same compassion and patience with others. Everyone needs to find their niche in the team then bloom, and its good to be the facilitator.

So here I am contemplating if training is my way forward. Happy to try anything once (although I have recently been told you should always try something twice to make sure you don’t like it), so I’ve enrolled on an apprenticeship in Learning and Development.

Part of this journey is capturing it, in a creative manner. Vlogging is not for me. I’m not vain, but I am self-critical and not very confident – and even at the age of 21+21 I still don’t like leaving a voice mail.

My lovely trainer Tanya kindly suggested I try Blogging. So here it goes …

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