Revision Points for EPA … part 2

As my End Point Assessment draws nearer and the Leadership Training Programme goes live, I have been developing further mini sessions to help the apprentices (CV Writing Workshop), the first two sessions of our Leadership Programme and Highfield Health & Safety Level 1 material.  When the Coronavirus lockdown measures start to release and the staff shortages improve, we can start to focus again on training and development of our teams.

I have also been looking at my knowledge base for the “professional discussion” so continuing on from my last blog …

The Training Cycle

  • The learning cycle comes in many forms but the general principle is to anaylse the need (for the idividual and / or the business), agreeing the learning points and developing the material to reach those points, implementing the training in an inclusive manner to reach its target audience, then reviewing it’s effectiveness – did it work, is it still relavnt, has the process changed, etc.

Group Dynamics

  • To run successful training sessions where all participants are engaged and interfacing positively you need to understand and find ways to manage the various personalities that we encounter:
    • The aggressor – often disagrees with others and can be inappropriately outspoken
    • The negator – critical of others ideas
    • The withdrawer – doesn’t participate with discussions
    • The recognition seeker – boastful, dominates the sessions
    • The joker – uses humour at inappropriate times
  • With poor group dynamics you may see:
    • Weak leadership – can lead to infighting and lack of direction
    • Excessive deference to authority – seen to agree with the leader rather than expressing their true thoughts
    • Free riding – limited contribution
    • Evaluation comprehension – holds back on sharing their opinions
  • It is important to
    • Know your teams
    • Tackle problems quickly with positive feedback
    • Define roles and responsibilities
    • Break down barriers
    • Focus on communication
    • Pay attention

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

In professional roles, L&D specialists need to ensure their staff maintain a level of continued learning to ensure their skills are up to date.  CPD should be:

  • A documented process
  • Self directed
  • Focus on learning from experience, reflective learning and review
  • Set development goals and objectives
  • Includes formal and informal learning

In my next blog I will review the evaluation stages in design, implemention and delivery of stages, as well as the various delivery channels available to practitioners.

In the meantime … stay at home, stay safe, take a moment to (remotely) check in on loved ones and follow the recommend hygiene practices. For those people who are furloughed, struggling to fill the long weekends or home schooling their children … use your time to top up your skills. There are many e-learning materials suitable for all needs, all ages, all interests.

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