Update / Reflection

Well we all reach that point when assessment is required to verify your competency, and my friends … my time has come. I’m now collating the evidence required which has inspired some internal reflection and a moment of pride (before the panic sets in). For someone who suffers with confidence issues, this is actually quite daunting but I am determined to overcome and would still like to think I can gain a distinction.  Plus they’ve talked me in to enrolling on the level 5 course so I have no choice but to finish this.

The assessor has outlined the process which to be honest, if I’d realised from the start, I’m not sure I would have enrolled. I need to outline my project – Leadership Programme (which my boss thinks I’ve bitten off more than I can chew) – then prepare various presentations and record some delivery sessions to reference.

I need to find my mojo as my life and day job was rudely interrupted by a pandemic.  We are very lucky to have reached a level of control and I do pity those businesses that had to close, and are now planning to re-open in the coming weeks.  It’s been none stop staff communications, policy writing, risk assessments, “crisis team” meetings and well as seeing a growth in volume. 

Today I am going to map out my final report and start working on the presentation of my “learning journey”.  I had promised Tanya that I would look to do a podcast, but as I’ve agreed to start Level 5 later in the year, I need to keep something in the bag … or maybe a webinar. 

In the past few weeks we have been looking at staff development and identified a group of people who need HACCP and Health & Safety training.  This is the ideal time to properly launch the Highfield Centre and deliver to an accredited standard.  I’m quite excited by these projects and I’m hoping that staff enjoy and engage with the process.

We’ve also seen an update in apprenticeships – in the past week several staff have enrolled on Team Leader / Supervisor training alongside the Leadership Programme, we have 3-4 new apprenticeships advertised for Lean Manufacturing Operations, Warehouse and Food & Drink Maintenance Technician.  I will be co-delivering some of this meaning:

  • we can spread the levy pot further
  • I have more interaction with the apprentices to ensure they are supported on their journey
  • we improve the skills on site and are developing a pool of successors.

We’re having internal discussions to improve “on the job” training.  The absences created by COVID-19 and furlough identified that we are weak on senior setter skills and capabilities.  Options include restructuring, introducing trained trainers and improving our recruitment process.

All this points towards building a L&D culture on site and it definitely feels like despite the roadblocks through the past few years, we are moving forward, we are achieving and we should be proud of ourselves. I am proud to be leading the group forward and opening opportunities for everyone.

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