Just a quick update to confirm I passed … well actually its a Distinction.

After two weeks of waiting … and the results didn’t come through till 4.15 pm … I can honestly say I have neve been so relieved. All that hard work and them long nights, paid off.

I had conceded to myself that given everything that had happened in the last 18 months (surgery, a demanding job, moving house and helping create a C-19 secure workplace) I’d have been happy with a pass. But this is the cherry on the cake. Just goes to show that if you work hard, dreams can be achieved. Never give up on yourself.

Special thanks go to :

  • Tanya English my friend and tutor who took me through this journey and created a “learning sponge monster”.
  • Gemma and Ella who supported me on the days I had reports to finish, for being professional guinea pigs when I had material to run through before a live session, and reminding me to take some “me time” when I looked tired.
  • The people who sat through presentations and assessments, who supported our projects and shared ideas, who now see L&D as the key to future business growth.
  • The team at GEM Training who were there through the journey in setting up the apprenticeships on site, giving me pointers of things to research and helping me set up the Highfield Centre.
  • To my son, who tells me D stands for Dunce and not Distinction.

Time to enrol on Level 5 and give Tanya that long awaited vlog or podcast !!!

Stay tuned for more updates on our L&D activity at the Lanchester Group.

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